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VLG makes its debut at the 33rd Japan IT Week Spring Exhibition

VLG shines at the 33rd Japan IT Week Spring Exhibition, showing its technological strength and innovative charm

The eyes of the global tech community are focused on this. As a leader in the antenna industry, VLG made a strong appearance with its cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, and presented a visual feast of science and technology and innovation for the visitors at booth 5-38-21 in the East.


【 Technology Event ・ Tokyo Opens 】


The Japan IT Week Spring Exhibition, held in Tokyo from April 24 to 26, 2024, brings together leading technology companies and industry experts from around the world to map the future of technology. As one of the focuses of the first day of the exhibition, VLG attracted a large number of visitors with its unique booth design and excellent product lineup.


VLG's booth is located at [Location 5-38-21 in Hall 5 East], and VLG's latest achievements in the fields of automotive antenna solutions, satellite antenna solutions, and Internet of Things (IoT) antenna solutions are also on display.


The audience showed great interest in VLG's intelligent solutions, actively participated in the discussion, and the atmosphere of exchange was warm at the booth. VLG professional team members enthusiastically answer all kinds of inquiries, in-depth interpretation of product features and industry application cases, and have won widespread praise.


This paper deeply analyzes the change trend of global science and technology industry, and expounds the strategic positioning and innovation path of VLG in the new round of science and technology revolution.


With the smooth opening of the exhibition, VLG will continue to present more highlights in the next two days, including new product launches, seminars and rich live activities. [Invite people from all walks of life to visit East 5-38-21 booth] From April 24 to April 26, to experience the technology charm of VLG and jointly foresee the development trend of wireless communication in the future


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Post time:2024-04-25

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