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Z.T.E router LTE BAND2/4/5/7/12/13/25/26/41 5G antenna

Key Specifications/ Special Features:
Z.T.E router LTE BAND2/4/5/7/12/13/25/26/41 5G antenna

1. Frequency band: LTE BAND2/4/5/7/12/13/25/26/41 
2. LTE2 frequency band, frequency: 1855000000.1880000000.1905000000. 
3. Power: 4.1935000000.1960000000.1985000000
4. Size: 10*153.6mm


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This high-gain antenna is specifically designed to improve cellular reception for ZTE routers. It supports a wide range of LTE bands (2/4/5/7/12/13/25/26/41) and offers compatibility with most By amplifying cellular signals, this antenna can help you experience faster data transfer speeds, fewer dropped calls, and a more stable internet connection for your ZTE router. The antenna's compact size (10 x 153.6mm) allows for easy installation and integration with your ZTE router.

Key Features





Wide Frequency Range                               

This antenna operates across a broad spectrum of frequencies, ensuring compatibility with most major carriers' current 4G networks and future 5G deployments. No need to worry about upgrading your antenna as technology evolves

Extended Coverage and Improved Reception    Compared to omnidirectional antennas, the Z.T.E router antenna boasts a significantly higher gain (8 dBi). This translates to a stronger signal, extending cellular coverage and improving reception, especially in areas with weak signal strength.

Increased Flexibility and Potential Speed Boost  

The antenna features two TS-9 connector ports. This allows you to connect two separate cellular devices simultaneously or leverage MIMO technology for potentially faster data transfer speeds, depending on your network and device capabilities.



ZTE Router Antenna

5G Rubber Antenna

6DBI 5G Outdoor Antenna

Water Meter Antenna


High-Gain LTE/5G

5G Rubber

High-Performance 5G

Compact 3G


Improve cellular reception for ZTE routers

Indoor applications (routers, meters, etc.)

Outdoor applications (homes, offices)

Water and electric meters (AMR systems)

Frequency Range

LTE BAND2/4/5/7/12/13/25/26/41

820-960MHz / 1710-2690MHz / 3300-5000MHz


880-960MHz / 1710-1880MHz


19.77dBm - 19.85dBm (details not specified)

-3.5dBi ~ 5dBi (customizable)

≤ 6.4 dBi

-3.5/-0.5 dBi


Not specified

SMA-Female (customizable)

N-Male (customizable)



10 x 153.6mm


250 x 35 x 13mm

50 ± 1.5 mm

Special Features

Designed for ZTE routers

Multi-band, compact, customizable

Wideband compatibility

Salt spray test


  • IoT Terminals: Enhances connectivity for a wide range of IoT devices.

  • 5G CPE: Supports high-speed 5G internet access.

  • Power Systems: Ensures reliable communication in power management applications.

  • Other Uses: Suitable for any application requiring extended 4G/5G cellular connectivity.


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