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Good quality SMT Mount Ceramic Patch Antenna

Main specifications/performance:
Sub-meter level high precision Cellular GNSS L1&L5 ceramic antenna
Frequency :
1. 865-871MHz
2. 902-928MHz
3. 1561-1575MHz
Good quality SMT Mount Ceramic Patch Antenna

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Product introduction


The built-in patch ceramic antenna has the characteristics of small volume, low dielectric loss, small axial ratio, and high gain.

Suitable for: shared bicycles, vehicle navigation systems, drones, trackers, anti-counterfeiting scanners, smart meters, consumer electronics, etc

Functional characteristics





1. Supports RFID, Bluetooth Multi domain layout and application of GPS, LoRa, ETC.


2. Rich selection, with multiple sizes, antenna thicknesses, frequencies, polarization modes, and pads to choose from.

Specification parameter

Frequency & Size:
1. 865-871MHz         25x25mm
2. 902-928MHz         25x25mm
3. 1561-1575MHz     10x10mm to 25x25mm
4.1575.42 MHz         10x10mm to 25x25mm
5.1575-1610MHz      10x10mm to 25x25mm
6.2450MHz                50x50mm, 70x70mm
7.Dimension: 18x18, 12x12, 10x10, 20x20, 25x25Antenna thickness, frequency,   polarization mode & soldering pad can be customized.

Application scenarios


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