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Deep-sea Subsurface Antenna

Brand	VLG

VSWR     ≤2.0

Gain         ≥2.0dBi

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Electrical Specification: 
Frequency  Range(MHz)      Beidou launch:L(1615.68±4.08MHz)
Beidou reception:S(2491.75±4.08MHz)
location:BDS B1、GPS L1
Polarization                 Beidou launch left circular polarization(L)
Beidou reception right-handed circular polarization(R) 
B1/L1 right-hand Circular polarization (R)
AntennaGain (dBi) Vertex gain ≥2.0dBi
Axis ratio (dB) ≤3.0
VSWR           ≤2.0
Input Impedance (Ω) : 50Ω
Environment : 
Relative Humidity                     0.95
Operating Temperature (℃)    -40~+85
Store Temperature(℃)-40~+85

Application scenario:

This antenna is a multi-in-one antenna covering the third generation of Beidou RD+ high-precision    positioning, which is widely used in deep sea, shipborne, lifesaving and other fields


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